Videos for business

Here at 360 Upgrade, we specialise in making mesmerising, 360 FX panoramic experiences for businesses in London, alongside the creation of tailored business videos that get people talking. In an age when it’s all about content, we harness the power of moving images to really capture your audience. From the creation of YouTube and Vimeo channels, to how-to videos, demonstrations, reviews, and company promos, we can film just about anything. Have an idea? Let us make it a reality.

Video using 360 Photography

We call it 360 FX, it is unique in that it uses 360-degree photography to create videos, giving users an immersive, panoramic experience without the price tag of an actual 360- degree video. Unlike our Virtual Tours, 360 FX has no controls, meaning all your viewer has to do is hit ‘play’ and be swept away. Company logos, titles and background music can all be added with ease, offering a cost-effective, high quality alternative to your standard video production.

How much does video cost?

Just like our Virtual Tours, the videos we make from 360 degree photographs are charged based on the number of photographs you choose. Video created using standard video cameras is quoted on a job-by-job basis. A video made from six 360 photographs starts at just £200 + VAT.

Residential property video tours

Having exclusive video content on your own website is a great way to entice your target market, showing them a whole new side to residential property sales. Away from the hustle and bustle of websites such as Zoopla, On The Market and Rightmove, it’s residential property shopping like never before.

Commercial property video tours

Make your portfolio of commercial properties stand out from the competition with a crowd-pleasing video tour. Our tours are visually stimulating, a far cry from your average photographs and floor plans.

Best video London for value

People love our video tours for their combination of quality, affordability and practicality – not to mention that they are responsive on 99% of devices! Receive an easy-to-upload MP4 file, perfect for website, YouTube and Vimeo hosting – or even dispersing on social media.

UP Creating videos from 360 degree photography is an unparalleled way to capture viewers’ attention for up to 44% longer; in fact, you could say that getting customers through your door has never been so easy (or fun, for that matter!).

360 Here at 360 Upgrade, not only do we get heads spinning with our 360-degree technology, but we also specialise in the creation of beautiful, bespoke online videos. With our own filming and equipment editing facilities, we are primed and prepped for all your visual needs: be it short how-to videos, demonstrations, presentations or even company promotion videos.

Did you know? We offer fantastic discounts should you choose to enhance your business with two or more of our products. Our offers include ‘order three and the cheapest is free’. Talk to one of our advisors today for your unique quotation.

In addition, 360 FX videos are a fantastic device for illustrating your show-stopping ‘before and after’ results. For example, here at 360 Upgrade, we can capture a 360- degree image of both scenarios. Never before has it been so simple to artistically capture the inner cogs of your business.

How We Work

1. The site view

Should your 360 FX video be an extension of our Google Tours and Virtual Tours service, we can skip this part of the process, leaving it to our speedy tech team to turn your pre-made shots into a whole new, visually stimulating medium.