Leeds Castle Review

Video review of 360 Upgrade virtual tour service by Sam Bromley of Leeds Castle. Sam discusses how 360 upgrade worked with them to produce a virtual tour of the annual Leeds Castle Triathlon in his review and recommends the services of 360 Upgrade to potential virtual tour users.

Frank PR Review

Video Review by Alice McRoe of Frank PR. Alice discusses using 360 Upgrade to produce a Google Street View, virtual tour & VR experience of their offices in Camden, the video includes footage of the office space and Alice commenting on how easy she found the process working with 360 Upgrade.

Goodwin Ellis Review

Video Review by Daniel Grimley of Goodwin Ellis Property Services, London. Daniel discusses the 360º camera training services 360 Upgrade have provided to his company and talks about how Goodwin Ellis Estates have used the Virtual Tours 3on RightMove, as well as to successfully prospect for new instructions.

Honour Review

Video review by Lisa Whelan, website & Social Media content Manager at Honour. Lisa discusses using 360 Upgrades photography services to complete Google Street View & Virtual Reality tours of Honour's premises at Waterloo & Watford.

About Trusted Photographers

You have to jump through a lot of hoops to be a Google Trusted Photographer.

And use the right equipment, Google approve a limited number of cameras & every image you shoot must meet their technical specifications or they're rejected.

You're required to upload 50 shoots to Google for review. Assuming you've ticked all their boxes and proved your competency in joining images together so they navigate properly & meet tech specs - you receive the Google Trusted badge. It's a long winded process but it's worth it!

Learn 360 photography

We've created a short video to provide a quick overview of how our 360º camera training packages work.

You can see what a photographer and trainee do when they're going through the process & hopefully it will give you a good idea of how you'll be able to do it yourself.

About our Virtual Tours

We create beautiful, bespoke Virtual Tours for business. You're able to embed them onto website, post on social media or simply share them via text from your mobile using a link.

This video provides a quick overview of the variety of companies that have used us.

We also output Virtual Tours as MP4 video animations too if you're looking for a cost effective way to create content for presentations or YouTube channels.

Camera Training Support Services

Learning how to photograph in 360 is the easy part, but panoramic images are unlike normal photographs. To achieve true 360º functionality the images have to be hosted. When you want to use more than one image & create a Virtual Tour it gets even more complicated because you need to use special software programmes. There are various software options you can buy & train yourself to use - if you want to handle the whole process yourself, but why bother?

At 360 Upgrade we offer a photo processing service to clients we've trained, we handle the whole process for you - image processing, Virtual Tour creation and hosting, there are set packages for up to 6, 10 or 15 shots, try us!