Are you looking for a more interesting way to present your before and after scenarios and portfolios to prospective clients?

A virtual tours that you embed on a website could be the ideal solution to impress your target audience.

We've created a virtual tour from images at the Lumiere Festival of light 2018 as a guide to how before and after scenarios can be presented .

It's a series of images photographed from similar positions at the same location. The day shot represents 'before' and the night shot represents 'after', the idea is to tell the story of what it is like before and after the illuminations are turned on for the event, across the various locations it's held at.

Lumiere takes place at some of London’s most iconic landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and Oxford Circus, we've used twenty images from the event in our sequence of shots.

We think these night & day 360º images provides a very good description of what it's like - in terms of the vibe on the street before the lights go on, and after.

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