London Eye experience

Virtual Tour & VR Tour

Located in Central London

Created January 2018

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The London Eye is one of the most visited attractions in England, it is an iconic landmark on London’s Southbank. Millions of people visit each year from all over the world.

But how many of us have stood in the same spot, on the same day, and looked at it in brilliant sunshine and under cover of night?

Probably not many of us. With this VR experience you can do just that. Move between day and night by selecting the orange circular hotspot on screen, try it now on your mobile.

This tour is compatible with any type of device, desktop to tablet, and it can also be viewed using a VR headset.

To take a look at the London Eye in VR you will need to view it using a smartphone and VR headset. Turn your phone into landscape (widescreen) mode and put the phone into a VR headset. You can move between day and night by selecting the hotspot using the on screen cross hairs.

To access this virtual tour in VR please click this link

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