LHA Railton

Virtual Tour

Located in Paddington, London.

Created Feb 2018

Categories: Hostel Paddington London Virtual Tour, Animated Virtual Tour, Not on the High Street, Standard photography example

Virtual Tour London - Virtual tours provide an amazing way to showcase your business to potential clients in London and across the UK. This virtual tour is animated so it self-plays, but it can also be manually operated. To move around the building click the icons on screen.

Virtual Tours can be embedded with a variety of additional media including photographs, URL links, barcodes and even menus. We are more than happy to talk you through the options.

This is an example of a London Virtual Tour. It's of Railton House in Bayswater, London W2. It was created for the London Hostel Association to provide potential visitors with a broader overview of the on site facilities.

There are pages on this site dedicated to our Virtual Tour and VR services.

If you’ve not visited them yet they are worth taking a look at. You’ll find details about the benefits of our options and more information about how they work. Please access our main Virtual Tour page VIRTUAL TOURS HERE. Or the page for VR HERE

Virtual Tour Medium

Up to 10x 360º images, photo processing, uploading & hosting.