LHA Friendship House

Virtual Tour & VR Tour

Made in Southwark, London.

Created June 2018

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When comparing the image quality of our Premium Virtual Tour against our Standard option below there’s no doubt the Premium option delivers a much higher image resolution, but it also costs more too.

This Premium option was created using exactly the same number of shots, taken in more or less the same position as the one’s we took for the Standard version.

Another difference between the two options is also the type of ‘skin’ we use. The Premium option has a slightly different layout to the Standard version - there are thumbnails images above, as well as back and forward arrows in the middle for moving around. Premium also includes VR capability.

To take a look around the hostel in VR, you will need to view it using a smartphone and VR headset. Turn your phone into landscape (widescreen) mode and put the phone into a VR headset. You can move between the various areas inside by selecting hotspots using the on screen cross hairs.

To access this virtual tour in VR please click this link

There are pages on this site dedicated to our Virtual Tour and VR services.

If you’ve not visited them yet they are worth taking a look at. You’ll find details about the benefits of our options and more information about how they work. Please access our main Virtual Tour page VIRTUAL TOURS HERE. Or the page for VR HERE

Virtual Tour Medium*

Up to 10x 360º images, photo processing, uploading & hosting.