Duck & Dry Kings Road

Google Street View Photography

Located in Chelsea, London

Created July 2017

Categories: Hair salon, Standard photography example

Thinking of creating a Street View tour for your busy salon to attract more customers? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the areas you want to capture, in addition to giving you a friendly walk through of the process.

This is a Google virtual tour of Duck & Dry salon, Kings Road, Chelsea. It is available via the Google Search, Google Maps and StreetView Apps, like all of our Street View tours. This tour took us 12 shots to capture with a 360-degree standard camera. It allows the viewer to see inside & outside of the property, you move around using the arrows on screen.

Street View is a great tool for attracting new customers, it utilises high quality visuals to promote your brand - and as Google will tell you, customers are twice as likely to react to your brand when you provide high quality images for them to view.

With Street View your images are available 24/7 on your business profile across all of the Google platforms. They can be viewed using any type of device, desktop, tablet & mobile.

If you’ve not visited our main Google Street View page yet - it is worth taking a look. You’ll find details about the way Street View works, some statistics around its benefits and there are some featured examples to look at too, access our main Street View page HERE

StreetView Small

Up to 6x 360º images, photo processing, uploading & hosting on Google.