Baycroft Retirement Home Streetview

Google Street View Photography

Located in Orpington, Kent

Created September 2017

Categories: Retirement home on StreetView, Not on the High Street, Standard photography example

Google is such an important platform for business, you can’t afford not to have a presence on it. The good news is every business is eligible for a free profile on Google - but is yours up to date with all the relevant information customers want to see?

When Baycroft launched their new luxury retirement home in Orpington Kent they wanted to increase the number of images available on their Google profile so they called us in to create a Google Street View tour.

This retirement home has everything, stunning ensuite rooms, a cinema, library, gym, spa baths, restaurants, there's even a hair salon. You can't fail to be impressed by the beautiful surroundings of this establishment. It provides specialist care for elderly residents and people suffering from dementia.

The site was so big that in reality we advised them to scale down the number of images they could’ve used. The building is configured with very long corridors with a multitude of rooms leading off them. We advised them to create a summary of the building on Street View, instead of showing every area possible.

Google relies on a line of sight navigation system, meaning it generally works best when you can see where you are moving to next. As a rule we’ll normally shoot a new image every 2-3 metres, but for Baycroft that could’ve literally resulted in hundreds of shots.

Our aim is to make Street View tours as simple and intuitive as possible, usually under 30 moves, we find that any more shots than that, depending on the way your business is laid out and the viewer can easily get lost!

We’re happy to talk through the options with you and offer advice before you go ahead in order to recommend the best solution. We also allow a 14 day cool off period on every order, with a money back guarantee in case you decide to change your plans.

If you’ve not visited our main Google Street View page yet - it is worth taking a look. You’ll find details about the way Street View works, some statistics around its benefits and there are some featured examples to look at too, access our main Street View page HERE


Up to 16x 360º images per day allowance.
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