Duck & Dry W1

Google Street View Photography

Located in West End, London

Created July 2017

Categories: Hair salon, Standard photography example

Duck and Dry operate two salons in Central London, we’ve photographed them both. This is their largest salon, it’s based on Market Place, a few minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube.

The salon is located above street level with a really nice entrance area that the management were keen for us to include.

You can choose how you want your StreetView tour to appear to customers, if you only want to show the inside that’s cool, or we can include a shot from the outside too, it’s your choice.

This is a very nice modern salon with beautiful decor, take a look around, it’s very impressive. We took 14 shots to capture these premises, inside and out, that included the main entrance where the lifts and stair case are located.

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