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Created June 2017

Categories: Camera training: Equipment supplied, Not on the High Street, Standard photography example

Get the fantastic Theta 360 Camera when you complete your camera training with us. This camera is the industry standard option.

We use it on all of our Standard photography shoots because it’s recognised by Google. The Theta 360 Camera is one of a small number of cameras Google authorise for use on Google Street View, and if it's good enough for Google - it's good enough for us too!

This is a great little camera, quick, mobile and very easy to use, it captures and stitches together a 360º image in under a minute - so it’s a perfect camera to start with. Every example on this page has been made using the Theta 360 Camera.

There is a page dedicated to 360 Camera Training on this website. If you’ve not visited it yet - it is worth taking a look. You’ll find details about how our process works and some videos for an overview, plus you'll be able to see some featured camera training examples too. Please access our main Training page HERE

DIY 1:1

Learn how to Do It Yourself! - Ricoh 360 camera and tripod, train with a Google Trusted Cameraman, ongoing technical support