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Virtual Tour

Made in Poplar, London.

Created June 2017

Categories: Camera training: Creating content for Twitter, Not on the High Street, Standard photography example

If you want to share your Virtual Tour on Twitter that’s not a problem, our site has been white labeled, authorised and verified by Twitter to enable this function.

If you just post a link onto Twitter your followers won’t actually see the tour properly, it needs to have a Twitter player card supporting it.

We operate a secure website with a private back end area that is only accessible by us. In this private area we host Virtual Tours for our clients, we can also generate Twitter player cards for every Virtual tour we create.

We can forward these Twitter player cards to clients once the upload process is complete. However, you need to be aware that a Virtual Tour for use on Twitter needs to be saved at a different size to our standard tour.

If you want to create a Virtual Tour for your website and need a version for Twitter too, then you will incur two charges, one for each platform. The reason behind this extra charge is that we are required to host & create two separate (albeit identical) outputs.

You’ll find an example of a Virtual Tour as a Twitter post by clicking onto our website and social media tag.

There is a page dedicated to 360 Camera Training on this website. If you’ve not visited it yet - it is worth taking a look. You’ll find details about how our process works and some videos for an overview, plus you'll be able to see some featured camera training examples too. Please access our main Training page HERE

Photo processing 6

Up to 6 images, improved image resolution, uploading and hosting