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Created June 2017

Categories: Camera training: Learn a professional process, Not on the High Street, Standard photography example

The instructions you receive from the manufacturer will teach you absolutely nothing about how to photograph a property, you need a process.

When you receive your new camera it will come with a set of instructions about how to take an image, to be fair you could’ve probably worked these out for yourself.

We teach you a process that you can use time and time again to capture beautiful, professional looking Virtual Tours. We’ll also set the camera up for you and teach you how to trouble shoot when things go wrong with it.

Our training service provides you with the confidence to go out and do it yourself, properly!

There is a page dedicated to 360 Camera Training on this website. If you’ve not visited it yet - it is worth taking a look. You’ll find details about how our process works and some videos for an overview, plus you'll be able to see some featured camera training examples too. Please access our main Training page HERE

DIY 1:1

Learn how to Do It Yourself! - Ricoh 360 camera and tripod, train with a Google Trusted Cameraman, ongoing technical support