Goodwin Ellis Estates

Virtual Tour

Located in Plumstead, London

Created August 2018

Categories: Camera training: a 10 image £40 photo processing example, Not on the High Street, Standard photography example

This is an example of our image processing service for up to 10 images, as used by Goodwin Ellis Property Service.

Our service includes the cost of removing your tripod from the images, improving the resolution, adding hotspots and an additional navigation system, plus hosting the Virtual Tour. We also design a bespoke skin for you so you can include any other relevant details about your company, product or service.

At the end of the process when the virtual Tour is ready, we email all the relevant codes over to you including an iframe code and URL so you're able to embed it onto your website and share easily via text or email. This one was uploaded to RightMove.

There is a page dedicated to 360 Camera Training on this website. If you’ve not visited it yet - it is worth taking a look. You’ll find details about how our process works and some videos for an overview, plus you'll be able to see some featured camera training examples too. Please access our main Training page HERE

Photo processing 10

Up to 10 images, improved image resolution, uploading and hosting.