360 Photography company

Welcome to 360 Upgrade, an independent company with a passion and proven track record for delivering high-quality, 360 degree photography to businesses in London. Not only can our images be used to spruce up your website, social platforms and printed media, but they can also be reused to create videos, as well as Google and Website virtual tours.

What is 360 Photography?

Our 360 cameras are unique in that they are built up of square heads with four separate lenses, each of which is set at a 90-degree angle. First, our trained professionals operate the camera, taking four individual photographs at the same time from various angles. Next, the photographs are stitched together inside the camera to create one beautiful 360 degree image.

How much do 360 photos cost?

Here at 360 Upgrade, we have created three standard packages – for micro, small and medium sized shoots – allowing for 6, 10 and 15 shots respectively. Our micro package starts at £150 + VAT. All images are delivered in electronic format via email or Dropbox.

Google photography

Our 360 degree photographs can be used to create Google Virtual Tours for a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, the retail, hospitality and service sectors. The beauty of virtual tours on Google is that they can be accessed at any time via Google, Google Maps and Google StreetView. Our 360 photos look great on all screens, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

360 Virtual Photography

Why not use our professional 360 Virtual Photography service for encouraging engagement on your social media platforms? From Facebook to Instagram, our 360 photographs have the potential to intrigue and impress your target market. Do you own a residential or commercial property website? Use our Virtual Photography service to set yourself apart from the fierce competition out there.

Best 360 Photographer in London for value

It is not only us that believe we offer the best 360 Photography service in London – our clients agree! We make our images with the intention that they will be used time and time again, ultimately offering you the best value for your money. From use on social media and your company website, to being on the streets of Google or embedded in your very own video or virtual tour, prepare to be inspired by the potential of panorama!


UP Perfect for restaurants, retail spaces, residential properties and more, a 360-degree photograph can – quite literally – add a new dimension to your existing 2D marketing initiatives.

360 With the potential to showcase your services and present your space in a fresh, social media-friendly light, 360-degree photographs are fantastic for new customer acquisition – not to mention that all they require is a one-off fee before you are free to continue sharing with the world!

Did you know? It is our mission to create the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices – and you can save even more by ordering two or more products from our exciting range. We have designed all of our products so that they complement one another, so be sure to speak to one of our advisors about how you can make the most of your 360 degree images.


How We Work

1. The site view

This part isn't neccessary if you choose any of our standard options, but if you want us to decide - we use this stage to assess how best to photograph your property. Primarily, our team will look at the size and layout, estimating the number of panoramic shots required to really get the most of the space in question.

2. The shoot

For 360 degree photographs, it takes around 45 minutes to shoot a micro project and up to 90 for a medium. It takes our talented cameramen roughly seven minutes to shoot and stitch together each picture.


3. The touch-ups

This is where our tech team checks your photographs are looking just how they should. Here, we can even add your 360 degree photographs to a Virtual Tour, along with voice-overs, music or even a company logo.

4. The finished product

Your photographs will be delivered straight to your Dropbox or email address for your unlimited viewing and sharing pleasure. We anticipate that you will be thrilled with the result.